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Various Functions Of Standard Model Electronic Densimeter MDS-300


Easy density measurement of not only solid, and liquid sample density, but also new function of powder density measurement added with resolution of 0.001g/㎤ and reference value of 0.0001g/㎤. New designed Sensor and Auto-weighing function improve accuracy and working efficiency.

Solid Mode
- Higher accuracy with resolution of 0.001g/㎤., and reference value of 0.0001g/㎤. can be displayed.
- No need to open and close the lid with new designed Sensor.
- Smaller size lid brings less error value, and less operation time.
- Improves working efficiency and repeatability with Auto-weighing function. Semiautomatic measurement
- New function of powder density substituted measurement.
- Floating objects and pellets can be measured easily.
- Density variation of absorbent sample can be measured.
- Selectable measuring time from 5 kinds.

Liquid Mode ※Optional kit required
- Density resolution 0.001g/㎤ and reference value 0.0001g/㎤
- Liquid density temperature compensation by setting liquid coefficient value depending on temperature.
- Selectable measuring time.

 Model  MDS-300
 Resolution (g/㎤)  0.001(0.0001)
 Capacity (g)  0.001(0.0001)~300 
 Feature  Solid, Liquid, Powder 
 Weight (kg)  2.8 
 Dimensions(mm)  (D)260 × (W)190 × (H)200 
 Accessories  Tweezers, Thermometer
 200g Calibration Weight
 Steel Angle, AC Adapter
 Interface RS232C


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