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Oxygen Index Flammability Tester

This tester is used to evaluate the oxygen index flammability of plastic and rubber. The operator is to check the lowest oxygen level (the oxygen level is acquired from a mixture gas of oxygen and nitrogen) that the test specimen is capable to flame inside the flaming column.

JIS-K6269, K7201, ASTM-D2863, ISO-4589-2

Glass column Inner φ75+3mm, H450±5mm
Flowmeter Oxygen -Max.8.6l/min (Scale 0.1l/min)
Nitrogen -Max.11l/min (Scale 0.1l/min)
Pressure gauge  Oxygen - Max. 0.1Mpa (Scale 0.002Mpa)
Nitrogen - Max. 0.1Mpa (Scale 0.002Mpa)
Mixed Gas - Max. 0.1Mpa (Scale 0.002Mpa)
Burner Flame L6~25mm (Adjustable)
Specimen Plastic, Rubber and Textile
Accessories U-shape Specimen Holder, Glass Bead
Option Thermometer (for measurement in combustion cylinder), Jig for Hoist Specimen,
For High Temp. testing (JIS-K7201-3 compliant), Oxygen density analyzer
Heat source Methane Gas (Purity: 98% over) or Urban Gas
Gas Supply Oxygen and Nitrogen
Dimensions/Weight W600xD290xH660mm • 30kg


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