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Gelomat II

Testing device computer controlled
Hardness- and firmness determination on soft elastic materials: gelatine, gelatine capsules, modelling clay etc., gel stability, automatic test run, flow curve, hysteresis curve, serial interface
Micro computer controlled hardness tester with a very high measuring accuracy within the ranges 0-2 N, 0-20 N.
modular construction
with the lastly developed plug-in system the measuring devices are plugged into the pick-up bracket. Hereby of the measuring system and the adjustment of measuring distance are recognized automatically. Determination of the gel stability of Agar-Agar and gelatine and of the hardening of gelatine capsules.

Centrofix - Accessories

Centrofix - for digi test gelomat
for the exact centring of gelatinecapsules

Test certificate
A common guide for the standardized procedure of the proof of quality securing has been established by the ISO 9000 ff. If a company is going to be certified according to ISO 9000 ff., it is obliged to control or having controlled all its measures periodically in the scope of the surveillance of measures.
This kind of test is documented by us as the manufacturer. Thus, we as the manufacturer of the hardness testers and you as the operator are able to prove, that the prescribed standards have been applied completely.
Bareiss testing devices - Software

Hardtest  - the test- and evaluation programme
Applicable for all electronic Bareiss testing devices with a serial interface.
The programme contains all functions which are necessary for a faultless process:
Reading of actual measured values + all measured values of a series of measurements
Single values can be erased.
Measured values, which are out of the tolerance limits, are marked (<, >).
All important statistical values are shown at one glance.
In addition the increase and the section of the axes of a regression line of a series
of measurements can be determined.
Graphical display of the series of measurements in a diagram and histogram
For better view a user-defined range of the diagram can be zoomed.
Within the diagram the most important statistical values can be plotted
(e.g. tolerance limits, average-, median values, regression line, etc.).
The test protocol can be defined freely (printing of etiquettes, too)
The test presetting per series of measurements can be administrated in a data file of articles.
For each article a sketch or digital photo can be integrated. Additional functions:
Memorizing of series of measurements on the hard board / other media
Series of measurement can be interrupted and preceded at a later date
Subsequent processing of series of measurements in other programmes
(spreadsheet analysis, data bank ...) is possible

Here, you can see here the software documentation as a PDF-file and make a print-out:


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