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Stress Relaxation System EB-02

Relaxation system for continuous measurement in either compression or tension. Meets the requirements in ISO 3384 and ISO 6914 and ASTM D6147.
The relaxation rigs are used in combination with the cell oven EB 01 or EB 07 when testing at elevated temperatures.
The relaxation rigs are placed in a cell oven for testing at elevated temperatures.
The cell oven EB 01 can accommodate four rigs at one temperature. In the cell oven EB 07, three rigs can be placed at three different temperatures.

Relaxation rigs arranged for different test methods. Rig
Rig 1 is arranged for testing in compression
according to ISO 3384.

Rig 2 is arranged for testing in tension according
to ISO 6914 method A.

Rig 3 is arranged for testing in liquid according to
ISO 3384.
Compression Tension
Load cell Range 1000N or 2000N 100N
Accuracy ±0.1%, of full range
Resolution 0.1N or 0.2N 0.01N
Dimensions φ120 x 450㎜
Weight 4.5kg
Material Stainless steel
Temperature sensor PT100, 1/3 DIN

Cell Oven

・Cell Oven EB 01
Cell Oven for ageing of rubbers and plastics under controlled conditions. EB 01 conforms to ISO 188, ISO 3383, IEC 811 and technical equivalent standards, the EB 01 Cell Oven is equipped with four cells each having separate control of the air-exchange rate.
・Cell Oven EB 07
Multiple temperature cell ageing oven for precision ageing of rubbers and plastics under controlled conditions. EB 07 is a cell oven with three cells which can be used with individual temperatures. The oven conforms to ISO 188, ISO 3383, IEC 811 and technical equivalent standards. EB 07 is designed to give very low temperature variations in time and space, low air speed and
controlled air exchange rate.
EB-01 EB-07

Model EB 01 EB 07
Temperature range (℃) 40~200 (HT=300)
Temp control (℃) 40~200 ±0.5
201~300 ±1.0
Temp. variation in time and space (℃) ±0.25
Temperature sensors PT100, 1/3 DIN
Useful volume (L) 4×2.4 3×2.4
No. of cells 4 3
No. of temperatures 1 3
Power (W) 900 700
Air changes (changes/hour) 3-20
w x h x d (㎜) 575×465×400 575×465×400
Weight (kg) 45 42


Graph 1
The graph shows F/F0 curves for SBR tested at different temperatures.
Graph 2
The blue curves shows the influence of room temperature variations in the force curve. The red curves shows a rig placed in the room temperature box.

Graph 3

Graph 4
Graph 3 and 4 shows the repeatability of the relaxation rigs. Graph 3 is a graph from two tests of the same compound run at different times. Graph 4 is a graph from two samples of the same compond run at the same time in different rigs.

Graph 5

Graph 6
Graph 5 and 6 shows how to correlate for the spring effect in the load cell and rig, when doing very accurate tests. The spring effect is caused by the expansion of the load cell and rig when the force decreases with time. Graph 5 shows a manual correction done twice during the test, by manual adjustment of the compression. Graph 6 shows a correction done by the software by a mathematical calculation. The correction is not necessary when doing comparative tests.


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