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Test Tube Aging Tester

This tester is to evaluate the heat resistance aging characteristics of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber. To prevent the influence of cross staining of additives, maximum of 4 test specimens are to be put into the independent test tube and heated at a specified temperature and specified testing time. The tensile strength, cutting stretch, tension stress, and hardness of the test specimens before and after the heating are to be compared to evaluate the heat resistance aging-characteristics.

JIS-K6257, ASTM-D865, ISO-188

Hangings 24 Hangings
Temerature Range Max.300°C
Accessories Test Tube (φ38×300mm)• •30pcs, Air Tube (φ9mm)• •48pcs
Power Source 220V 1-Phase 20A 50/60Hz
Dimensions/Weight (Approx.) W700×D500×H900mm•130kg


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